Forex trading strategy without indicators

Usually trader at the moment of choosing a strategy that can bring him the greatest benefit, first of all, considers trading on indicators. However, for some, a successful strategy can be a strategy without indicators. As can be understood from the title, this is a methodology without the use of technical or solid indicators …

All actions are based only on the analysis of quotations and currency charts. Most likely, this tactic will suit traders who trade in long-term and short-term periods, as well as those who are not very close to the usual delays of indicators.

Anyone who chooses trading tactics without indicators, prefers to listen to the messages of the international Forex market independently.

In the category Forex without indicators, you can identify the following analysis models:
• Position systems;
• Conducting the analysis of quotations;
• Analysis of graphic figures;
• Wave analysis;
• Teak systems;

Forex trading strategy without indicators

Among the most popular strategies without indicators are Martingale’s trading system, internal bar strategy, simple price system, scalping.
Initially, it was said that first-of-all traders analyzed trading strategies, which are based on indicators. However, it needs to be clarified that such a model of choice is typical for the CIS countries.

In the West, the strategy of non-indicator is very popular. This candle models and bar models and others.

Proponents of indicators say that only in this way can you predict the direction in which the price will move. However, their opponents have a very strong argument: since the indicator appears only after the price, consequently all of them are late, and then what kind of lead can we talk about?

Still, their own superiority and flaws have both a trading strategy without indicators and indicators, and the most important thing for an investor is to choose the one that will be most understandable and comfortable for him directly …