Interesting stories of successful Forex traders

The history of the Forex market knows many outstanding traders who, with a minimum starting capital, have made a huge fortune. List their names can be long enough, so we will limit ourselves to only a few big names. Everyone knows the name of George Soros, who managed to put together a multi-million dollar fortune …

Illustrative and instructive examples can also be Ed Seikota, who, with 5 thousand dollars in 13 years, managed to earn about 14 million or Nicholas Darvas, who managed to turn 36 thousand dollars into two million in a very short period of time.

From the autobiographical works of these successful traders, you can highlight very interesting facts that, perhaps, can help you to achieve such success:
– each of these outstanding people in the world of exchanges had its own strategy, which they always adhered to, no matter what;
– each also had its own style of monitoring the trend, and some simply did not observe it (this is such a paradox);
– Usually such successful traders came to the exchange in the long term, that is, they stayed here for a considerable period of time;
– each of them was just a standard of discipline, because they clearly knew what they wanted to achieve at the exit;
– each of them was ready for almost any turn of the financial market. For these purposes, they already had in advance prepared a whole arsenal of necessary measures that made it possible to get out of any, even very difficult financial situation;

Stories of successful traders
– each system is still not ideal. They also suffered setbacks and suffered significant losses, but they recovered very quickly thanks to their willpower and once again went ahead, everything, increasing and increasing the pace;
– the strategies they developed fully corresponded to their individuality. They put it at the heart of what ultimately led them to wealth.

Do not rashly believe that you, using these axioms, tomorrow will become a millionaire. It is worthwhile to realize that for this, at a minimum, it is necessary to have a serious start-up capital. The thousands that these people put on the stock exchange in those days were serious sums.

It is also possible, with some confidence, to affirm the fact that these people were notorious economic geniuses who were able to combine both risk and cold calculation. Nobody pleads your merits, but before deciding to take such a step, you need to think it through carefully …